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Product description

Bolivian company, Profits and transforms non-metallic minerals for the chemical fertilizer industry and ceramic industries in We offer raw material (Ulexita) for the manufacture of borax and borax acid, for use for the manufacture of micronutrients for agriculture (fertilizers); (e) Ceramic enamel chips; and for the manufacture of glass and fiber
We work with Ulexita Natural, Ulexita Calcinada, Ulexita

- 48% to 52% B203 Fried Ulexita

Ask Cotación >> CPT: Agesa - Corumbá - MS
- Letter of credit in sight- Prepaid
- CPT - FOB - CIF - Puerto Suarez - Bolivia ( Frontera - Agesa - Corumbá - MS - Brazil )- CPT - CIF - Santos - SP- CPT - CIF - San Francisco do Sul - SC
Hospitalization Payment: On behalf of the buyer who also collaborates with the sending of all the documentation corresponding to our dispatcher

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