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Product description

Italian CINOMATIC fabrication that builds a Mini Crane tows
Tower of desaton and excellent quality is distributed in Spain by
AFRON on the basis of philosophy to always incorporate the market
products, but novel and safe for AFRON users who have opted for this brand
and presents/shows in its product range a new group of mini
cranes to contribute to greater diversity to their users This mini crane
tower has a height of 165 meters and can raise a maximum weight and
size of 800 kilos from its point, but raised the height with the
sloping arm increases arm rotation at stopping to 19 meters
is 360o allowing maximum mobility the advantages that
have is that they can be transported in a trailer and that their reduced
(130 meters x 605 meters) can facilitate their access to
closing points that stops an unimaginable lump normal tower would be the
mounting these cranes is extremely fast allowing it to be used in a few
minutes This type of mini cranes is very useful mainly for small jobs
of villas or buildings of few floors in conventional that a crane
exceeds the dimensions that the workplace allows


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