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Product description

Antiseptic HAND SANITIZER & SURFACE & CLOTHING DISINFECTANTDISINFECTANT HIDROALCOHOLICO (Bactericide, Fungicide,Levuricida and Viricida).Formulation for manual washing of hands and surfaces recommended by the WHO (formula 2) based on isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, with protective excipients of the skin, which can be used both for hygienic purposes of antisepy of hands and for the pre-surgical preparation of hands, given proven microbicidal activity of rapid action.It is also a recommended product for disinfection of surfaces, ready to use, in the public and private sphere, in the food industry and collective catering, where a high hygienic quality is required (workpieces, utensils, trays and food transport elements, surfaces in toilets and bathrooms, and all kinds of surfaces in places of public concurrence, including work clothes, clothing, textile parts of furniture, table clothes and beds, etc.). It does not stain clothing or damage surfaces, but it is recommended to test its compatibility with the product beforehand by applying it in non-visible areas. It is also suitable for surfaces near patients, gloves, masks, etc.Authorized by the D.G.S.P. for: Use in hygiene and surgical preparation of hands, Environmental (including the clinical field) and in Food Industry, Contact disinfection.PROFESSIONAL USE and by the GENERAL PUBLIC