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Zibo Zhuliang Rubber I/E Is a professional high styrene rubber HS-860 factory located in Linzi Area,Zibo City since 2004,and our supply ability is around 4000mt per year . Our city is producing base for high styrene rubber,we are still in research line, and our quality can instead South Korea & Japan rubber,.Also we mainly export to Southeast Asia ,Africa since 2007 . Below is our test results:

High styrene rubber HS-860
Styrene content 60-65% SH/T1953-94
Volatile content Less 0 GB/T6737-97
Organic soapLess 5 GB/T8657-92
Mooney viscosity ML100C(1+4) GB/T1232-92
Tensil strength(Mpa) More 5 GB/T528-98
ElongationMore 120 GB/T528-98
Shore hardnessMore 93GB/T531-99

Main use for HS-860 is in the footwear industry, for large hard at the end of heels, soles of hard foam, hard hose, imitation leather shoes, such as cattle, flooring materials, rubber floor tile, industrial products, such as Roller, washers, hard Hose such as sponges and other products, and sports industries, such as three balls, skates, electric insulating

Beside it,our another new factory(Built in 2005) producing Silane Coupling Agents to meet different line request since 1992,which fill up the blank of domestic is mainly exported to Korea and

Welcome to visit us for futher

Address:North Linzi Area,Zibo City,Shandong Province,China 255400
Contact:Sunny Sun


High styrene rubber HS-860,Silane Coupling Agents A-150,KH-550,KH-560,KH-570

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Distribution or wholesale


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Zibo Zhuliang Rubber I/E Co.,Ltd is a Chinese company .

Zibo Zhuliang Rubber I/E Co.,Ltd was registered at Comertia on Thursday, December 18, 2008 as a distribution or wholesale organization under the industrial sector Chemical.

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