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Description of activity

Mfrs of Slotted Angle Racks, HD Pallet Racks, Compactors, HD Sectional Panel Racks, Staff Lockers, Office Cupboards, Pigeonhole Cupboards, Glass Door Cupboards, Lofts, 2 Tier Systems, 3 Tier Systems, Metal Pallets, Sheet Metal Components, Press Metal Parts, Pedestals, Platform Trolly, etc.

Organization Details


JMM Rd, Asalpha,
Ghatopar West,
400086 Maharashtra



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Resumen Ejecutivo

STANDARD EQUIPMENTS is a Indian company located in the city of Mumbai in Maharashtra. In addition, STANDARD EQUIPMENTS is a wholesale vendor of 3 products listed on Comertia. These products include: Slotted Angles, Shelvings, Corner Plates.

STANDARD EQUIPMENTS was registered at Comertia on Friday, November 12, 2021 as a manufacturing organization under the industrial sector Transportation And Storage.

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