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Description of activity

We Shenzhen BKF International LTD was established in 1996, and we are the professional manufacturer for trailer axle (BPW, FUWA, YORK etc) , as well as the steady supplier for various semi-trailer parts, I hope we would like to do our best to suit your any
Double-axle or Tri-axle long vehicle
Bpw, YORK, FUWA axles etc, and relative parts: Brake drum, Hub, Brake shoe & lining, Camshaft, Manual Slack Adjuster, various Bearings, Dust Cover, Hub cap, Return spring, Brake spring, Adjuster spring, Bolt & Nut, Seal, Rebuild Kit for S Camshaft & Brake Roller
Various Suspension, ROR complete, YORK complete, FUWA complete etc, including leaf springs and all parts
ABS sensor & Pole wheel
Landing Gear, 25T or 28T, copy Jost
Various Fifth wheel
Kingpin in 2 inch, 5inch with welded & bolt-in
Brake chamber, T20, T24, T30, T24 / 24, T24 / 30, T30 / 30 etc
Wheel Rim, 25, 00, 75
Mudguard assembly
Twist lock


Complete semi-trailer, trailer parts, such as axle, brake drum, hub, brake shoes&lining, slack adjuster, landinggear, suspension, boggie, landinggear,

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