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Shanghai Wenyi Glass Products , is one of the leading professional manufacturers of Glass Cosmetic Bottles, such as Nail Polish Bottles, Cream Jars, Emulsion Bottles, Perfume Bottles, Liquid Medicine Bottles etc for Chinese domestic as well as Global
Wenyi Glass not only manufactures pure glass cosmetic bottles, but also provides surface processing services for glass cosmetic bottles, such as printing, bronzing, silvering, frosting, spray-coating, decorate-firing, To meet the customer demands, we also supply tailored accessories of glass cosmetic bottles, especially for glass nail polish bottles, such as caps, brush, nozzles, pumps and so
Wenyi Glass always targets to provide our customers with top-quality products along with moderate prices and professional services, and it endeavors to be a 360 degree solution supplier for glass cosmetic
On the basis of equality and mutual benefits, Wenyi Glass always looks forward to establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships with customers toward a future of


glass Cosmetic Bottles, including Nail Polish Bottles, Cream Jars, Emulsion Bottles, Perfume

Organization Details

Distribution or wholesale


Resumen Ejecutivo

Shanghai Wenyi Glass Products Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company .

Shanghai Wenyi Glass Products Co., Ltd. was registered at Comertia on Thursday, December 25, 2008 as a distribution or wholesale organization under the industrial sector Packaging Industry.

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