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Description of activity

PCE GROUP is a dynamic company, specialized for years in the complex world of measurement Since our beginnings we have offered technical solutions to thousands of customers around the world, advising them on how to solve any problem related to measurement in their company or industry and providing them with the best meters for each solution The experience acquired over the years has allowed us to manufacture a wide range of meters and balances under our own brand « PCE ». Products: Meters, Analyzers, Testers, Voltmeters, Detectors, Meters, hardness, fixing meters, force, temperature, pressure, distance, thicknesses, moisture paper, gases, gas, oxygen, power, vibration, environmental, quality, sound, radiation, humidity, force, light, length, ozone, radioactivity, pH, revolution, sound, chlorine, water, infrared, conductivity, digital, salinity, Probes, Salinometros, Decibelimetros, salinómetros, thermal

Organization Details

Distribution or wholesale

Mula, Nº 8
02500 Albacete



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Resumen Ejecutivo

PCE GROUP IBERICA S.L. is a Spanish company located in the city of Tobarra in Albacete. In addition, PCE GROUP IBERICA S.L. is a wholesale vendor of 59 products listed on Comertia. These products include: Medidor de CO2 PCE-AQD 50, Espesímetro PCE-TG 300, Caudalímetro PCE-TDS 100H, Dinamómetro PCE-DFG N 5, Medidor de radiación PCE-MFM 2400+, Espesímetro PCE-CT 80-FN2.

PCE GROUP IBERICA S.L. was registered at Comertia on Thursday, January 24, 2008 as a distribution or wholesale organization under the industrial sector Distribution And Commerce.

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