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We are one of the largest manufacturers specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of crystal products in China , Our extensive range of products includes: 3D laser engraving, blank crystal blocks, candle holders, crystal balls, paperweights, key rings, ornaments, crystal clocks, perfume bottles ,award ,trophies and gift

Using the very latest laser technology Oriental Crystal can create and engrave your unique 3D design within From logos, buildings to vehicles and even pictures, your unique design can be recreated to your exact requirements in intricate 3D details - offering endless possibilities

we stock nearly one thousand images but have the access to the gallery of almost 5000 images, here you can find highest quality crystal gifts and keepsakes for births, birthdays, father’s day, mother’s day, valentines day, memorial day, labor day, graduations, military affiliations, anniversaries, reunions, incentives, sports, religious events, animals, memories of those departed and hundreds of other

There is a wide range of standard shapes and sizes of crystal to suit most designs and budgets, if you have a specific shape in mind simply your design to us together with details of the number of pieces that you would like and we will get back to you with a quotation at the first time, our sales team will be very pleased to discuss your requirement

We also supply many light bases to further enhance the images, we have flashing, slow fading, static and revolving led light Different colors

Regarding to the packing, each crystal is supplied in a high quality satin lined presentation gift box which can be branded according to your requirements, say, company Different colors are available, navy blue, red, black


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