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Description of activity

INNOPHARMCHEM locates at southern Delta Region of Yangtze River, a seaport city with the most economic vitality near the east sea â?? INNOPHARMCHEM has professional chemical R&D, lab test, middle test and commercial manufacturing facilities in Anhui, Shandong and Zhejiang Province, Strong manufacturing, quality control and R&D group consist of several High engineers and doctors from Zhejiang University, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), are privileging us strong development
We have developed about 20 kinds of world advantageous materials such as Alkane Halide compounds, Halohydrin compounds, Heterocyclic compounds in the past three years, most of them are advantageous in technology and quality in the world, and already received high appraisal from overseas
There is the professional staff in our company-INNO on marketing sale and product exploitation, and several experts and doctors,etc, from Zhejiang university,China scientific academe and Shanghai organic chemistry institution who are in charge of management and quality
INNO consider the quality equaling life as the company's principle and guarantee the good quality of all the product we produce and
As for the common items, INNO assure you the fast response system--sea shipping in 10 days and air shipping in 7
In the sake of convenient financing for the clients, INNO cooperate with the China credit insurance on export in order to furnish 30-120 days payment term for the
Service-centered, market-oriented, and quality-emphasizing, INNOPHARMCHEM strives to develop reciprocal strategic cooperation relationship with customers over the world!


Pharmaceutical raw material and intermediate, nutraceuticals, amino acids, vitamines, food additives, botanical extracts, active pharma ingredients, cosmetic ingredients

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