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Description of activity

MP-Mfg is a projectional contract molder with injection press ranging from 50T to 800T, serving customer of different

Processing a wide range of materials(including filled and blended matrial to obtain the specified density, color, UV stability, chemical resistance, impact strength, flexural strength, and wear Some of the those mateirals are Acrylic, ABS, PS, PVC, PC, Nylon, PP

MP-Mfg is also well experienced in gas assisted injection molding, over-molding,insert molding


mould, mold making, plastic injection mold, conventional molds metal insert molds, unscrew molds, over-molding, plastic clear mold, CD case mold, CD Tray Molds, Plastic Mold Transparent Parts, Plastic Injection Mold For Lighting Parts

Organization Details

Distribution or wholesale


Resumen Ejecutivo

MP Mfg Ltd. is a Chinese company .

MP Mfg Ltd. was registered at Comertia on Sunday, April 13, 2008 as a distribution or wholesale organization under the industrial sector Machinery And Equipment.

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