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Mix Metals Industrial . is a long engaged in the production of Ferro-alloy and Non-ferrous metal alloy enterprises, we have abundant materials and high technology development ability to supply high efficiency alloy anode plate, cathode plate and Copper to Aluminum adapter bar use in Zinc electrolytsis, Silicon Manganese, Ferromanganese, Silicon Metal, and Nonferrous metal such as Zinc, Stibium .

We have factories in Chinese Mainland which are concentrate on producing different kind of Exports form 80% of our and lead the industry to go

Our product with high quality raw material and logical prescription, under a well-knit and meticulous management and technological in support, we produce good quality and reasonable price products, product quality over GB Our product be used for metal manufacture factory such as China Guangxi, Yunnan province etc, and successfully export to North America, Japan, South Asia, Middle East, Europe and so

Meanwhile, we can produce according to the customer
Quality Policy

We strictly according to the GB standard and customer requirements production, to continously optimize our process and satisfy our customers with products of quality, being competitive in the market and offering an efficient

We have huge production, well-knit transportation and storage We also have transportation centers in GuangZhou, ShenZhen and relations with various shipping companies, in order to cooperate with different operation methods for small and medium sized enterprise even though transnational We can deliver the products in the shortest

Our customer service supervisors are They have great stamina, responsible and serve you friendly to make you feel at home, they will do their best to solve your

Choose our products, it means you have chose a good teamwork to serve yourself --- we are looking for serving


Anode plate in Zinc electrolysis
Copper to Aluminum adapter bar
Silicon Manganese
Silicon Metal
Ferro Manganese

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Distribution or wholesale


Resumen Ejecutivo

Mix Metals Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company .

Mix Metals Industrial Co., Ltd. was registered at Comertia on Monday, September 8, 2008 as a distribution or wholesale organization under the industrial sector Metallurgy.

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