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Intruder Stop is an American company that specializes in Compliance and Personal Protection products.  Our SOK spray is beyond pepper spray.  Instant compliance and easily cleaned and decontaminated after the event.  Food grade ingredients in a non-explosive container.  Available in personal size cans(2.5oz) for Law Enforcement and self defense (10-12 foot range).  Our larger 14oz can is designed for schools and areas where you need a 20 foot range.  The SOKHALT system is designed for crowd control. has a video that shows the effects of the spray.  

We also make the Intruder Stop home door lock and the school Active Shooter Lockdown device for schools, churches and government buildings.  This device has been granted patents in the US as well as multiple International countries.

All products are designed and made in the USA.


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1504 Edgewood Dr
27055 NC
United States

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Resumen Ejecutivo

Intruder Stop is a American company located in the city of Yadkinville in NC. In addition, Intruder Stop is a wholesale vendor of 1 product listed on Comertia. This product is: Intruder Stop Home Version.

Intruder Stop was registered at Comertia on Thursday, December 2, 2021 as a manufacturing organization under the industrial sector Security Products.

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