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Description of activity

 Blast furnace metallurgical valve series:

hot blast valve, cold blast valve, rotary/swing goggle valve / blind plate valve, open type goggle valve/gate valve, fully enclose goggle valve, pressure regulating valve unit, emergency shutoff valve, bypass quick opening valve, sluice valve, ventilated dust removal butterfly valve, gas butterfly valve, high temperature and high pressure double self sealing gate valves, 1500℃ high temperature butterfly valve, snort valve, discharge valve, ash discharge ball valve, Rigid impeller feeder, bleeding valve, exhaust gas valve, explosion relief valve;

 Blast furnace related products: mud gun, tap hole drill machine, compact stock rod, double groove rope wheel, skip, skip hoist, stopper, air inlet device/ blasting device, hydraulic station, pig casting machine;

Slag system valve series: wear-resistant eccentric semi-ball valve, triple eccentric rotary ball valve, completely metal seated butterfly valve;

Desulfurization and denitrification flue Gas treatment system: fluorine-lined valve, ceramic lined valve, square flue gas flapper valve, pneumatic flashboard valve;

Water supply and drainage valve series: metal seated butterfly valve, rubber seated butterfly valve,silt prevention butterfly valve,hydraulic control check valve, slow closed check valve, eccentric half-ball valve, multifunctional hydraulic control valve,flow regulating valve,ball valve, globe valve, gate valve, knife gate valve, expansion joint, force transfer joint, pipe expansion joint,strainers,etc.

Organization Details


No.66 Jinhua road, Shangjie District.
Zhengzhou Shi 450041 Henan Sheng

Resumen Ejecutivo

Henan Shangfa Valve Co., Ltd is a Chinese company located in the city of Zhengzhou Shi in Henan Sheng.

Henan Shangfa Valve Co., Ltd was registered at Comertia on Saturday, December 3, 2022 as a manufacturing organization under the industrial sector Machinery And Equipment.

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