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Henan Andy high temperature products , ltd locates in Zhengzhou, which is the capital of Henan Province, which is the Chinese important interior open city and the historical Zhengzhou takes non-ferrous metal, food, coal, cigarette and so on as the leading industry; it also has obvious advantages in these industries: spinning and weaving, the machinery, the building materials, the fire-proof material, the energy and the original auxiliary
Zhengzhou is not only one of national textile industry bases but also the national important metallurgy building materials industrial base in China .the aluminum oxide output occupies the nation one about the half; in the mechanical industry, the Asian biggest grinding compound grinding tool enterprise locates

Henan Andy high temperature product limited company is the key high technology and new technology enterprise in Henan Product specification model:
First, solidification molybdenum heating elements 1700 C and 1800 C; ,type U, type W, Ф3-Ф24 and other kind of specification And heterogeneous
Second, silicon carbide electric heating elements:
Straight stick model, type U, type W, Ф8-Ф55 and other kind of
Third, Alumina and ceramic products:
Alumina tube, alumina crucible, alumina thermocouple protection tube
Alumina boat, magnesia crucible, zirconia crucible and so
Fourth, tungsten molybdenum, tantalum niobium material and products with each kind of specifications:
Powder, strip, stick, bar, electrode, sheet, board, alloy electrode and heterogeneous intensive processing

We devote to the research and the development in high-temperature material and technical and the correlation domain since we established in 2003 .Till now, we have accumulated the rich manufacture experience, the abundant technical force, the advanced craft equipment, the integrity quality assurance system and the science management

We keep providing the high quality products and first-class service for the domestic and foreign 80% of our products export to Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, US and other countries in the Our products get the good reputation from our customers
Our quality principle is:
The technical Innovation, quality leads the first, the strict management, team work, struggle to create the
You are always welcome to visit our plant and try our products, we value our


ALUMINA TUBE ,ALUMINA CRUCIBLES, CERAMIC FIBER PRODUCTS ,SIC PRODUCTS ,1700 C tube furnace,1700 C box furnace, ceramic tube

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Distribution or wholesale


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Henan Andy high temperature products Co.,ltd is a Chinese company .

Henan Andy high temperature products Co.,ltd was registered at Comertia on Tuesday, July 8, 2008 as a distribution or wholesale organization under the industrial sector Metallurgy.

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