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manufacturers of switching power, AC adapter, including ODM and


AC/DC adapters , switching power supply , Battery chargers & Medical grade power supplies . Our output wattage ranges from 5 watts to 200 watts . Our product types include wall-mount , open Frame , DeskTop , Enclosed and

Organization Details

Distribution or wholesale


Resumen Ejecutivo

Greensps Resources Co. Ltd is a Chinese company . In addition, Greensps Resources Co. Ltd is a wholesale vendor of 6 products listed on Comertia. These products include: Switching Open Frame 60~80W, Desktop adapter 42W, Desktop adapter 25W, Wall mount adapter 25W, Wall mount adapter 15W, Wall mount adapter 7W.

Greensps Resources Co. Ltd was registered at Comertia on Saturday, February 21, 2009 as a distribution or wholesale organization under the industrial sector Appliances And Electronics.

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