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Description of activity

Our company, FRANCO TRADING DO BRAZIL is a Brazilian Trading Company specialized in the export of Agricultural, Minerals and Metallic Commodities.


We operate with the following products:


  • Export of Agricultural Commodities (Soy / Corn / Sugar / Rice / Animal Proteins / Cotton / Coffee / Sorghum / Others)
  • Export of Mineral Commodities (Petroleum / Iron / Manganese / Niobium / Copper / Bauxite / Gold / Silver / Others)
  • Export of Metallic Commodities (Copper Cathodes / Steel for Construction / Rails / Heavy Scrap (HMS 1 and HMS 2) / Aluminum Ingots / Others)


IMPORTANT: We only start a negotiation, after receiving the LOI or ICPO (on behalf of FRANCO TRADING DO BRAZIL) + RWA or BCL issued / performed by the END BUYER as we do not work with third party documents.


That way we will be sure of the real intention to purchase the commodities in question, avoiding waste of time.


Brokers and Facilitators are also welcome, we sign NDA and COMMERCIAL PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT to guarantee their commission.


We put our contacts at your disposal, and wait for your feedback to move forward.


franco @ francoassessoria . com

Paulista Avenue, 1.079 - 7th floor
São Paulo/SP - Brazil
Mobile +55 11 94757 7605

Organization Details

Trading company

Paulista Avenue, 1.079 - 7th Floor
São Paulo 01310-200 SP

Resumen Ejecutivo

FRANCO TRADING DO BRAZIL is a Brazilian company located in the city of São Paulo in SP.

FRANCO TRADING DO BRAZIL was registered at Comertia on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 as a trading company organization under the industrial sector Food.

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