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Description of activity

Headquartered in Murcia, Elista is a Spanish Company whose aim is to offer food solutions thanks to its strong position in the International Market.

As a global supplier, we have an extensive and solid understanding of the global canned food industry. Our alignment with strategic partners worldwide has helped us to maintain a robust network based in our professionalism and our product’s quality.

Our vision of obtaining global knowledge and our +25-year partnership enable us to react to market trends.

Organization Details

Trading company

C/ Jardín de Murcia, 4 - 30100 El Puntal
30100 Murcia

Resumen Ejecutivo

ELISTA PRODUCTS, SL is a Spanish company located in the city of MURCIA in Murcia.

ELISTA PRODUCTS, SL was registered at Comertia on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 as a trading company organization under the industrial sector Food.

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