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Description of activity

Founded in 1965, Gabbioni develops and manufactures specialty wire netting processes for the metal Our main product categories are: Stucco Netting, Gabion netting, Galvanised Wire Netting, galvanized wire netting PVC coated, Poultry Wire Netting, Chicken Wire netting, Solid-drawn weldless netting, Woven Stainless Steel Netting, Wicker Netting,Conveyer woven netting, Hex Netting, Fence Wire, Fence Netting, Bird

Gabbioni wire netting has grown to become North China's leader in the manufacture and distribution of a complete line of industrial gratings and wire With 19 locations in the China and K, Gabbioni is ready to serve

Gabbioni wire netting is a family-oriented company providing excellence in quality and service while caring for the needs of our customers, employees and their Our netting product will always meet or exceed customer expectations and requirements for alloy chemistry, appearance, uniformity and delivery at a competitive The employees of Gabbioni wire netting are our greatest Together we will work to maintain growth and secure Gabbioni wire netting place as a leader in our


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Organization Details

Distribution or wholesale


Resumen Ejecutivo

Dezhou Gabbioni Wire Netting Factory is a Chinese company .

Dezhou Gabbioni Wire Netting Factory was registered at Comertia on Monday, November 24, 2008 as a distribution or wholesale organization under the industrial sector Auto.

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