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China Ruijun Lamp Holder & Lamp Socket Factory (Chinese Fuyi Lampholder Factory) is situated in XiaoLan town,ZhongShan city,GuangDong,China, undertakes the manufacturing and emport business of switches,lampholders,lampsockets,lampbases,lampholder,lamp holder,in line Switch,in-line Dimmer Switch,inline switch,hand switch,foot switches,Lamp Cord,In line Switch,Lamp Holder,Lampholder,lamp socket,Bulb Holder,lamp base and other lighting fittings, which are certificated by countries in Europe and
The primary products include,ruijun lampholder,ruisheng lampholder,ruijun lampbase,ruisheng lampbase,ruijun lampsocket,ruisheng lampsocket,plastic lampholder (T210), bakelite lampholder (T190), bakelite switch lamp holder, ceramic lamp holder, quartz lamp holder, halogen lamp holder, energy-saving lamp socket, treaded switches, online midway switches, inching switches, dimmers inseries of E14 Lamp holder,E27 Lamp holder,B15 Lamp holder,B22 Lamp holder,E12 Lamp holder,E26 Lamp holder,E17 Lampholder,G9 Lampholder,Gu10 Lampholder,Gz10 Lampholder,T5 Lampholder,T8 Lampholder,of European standard and America The products have accordingly been granted the Germany VDE certificate, the EU's CE and RoHS certificate, the UL and cULus certificate of United States, the Canadian CSA certificate, the British BS certificate, the Australian SAA certificate, the Japanese T-MARK and PSE certificate, the Italian IMQ certificate, the Swedish S certificate, the N certificate of Norway, the Danish D certificate, the Finnish FI certificate, the Chinese CQC and CCC certificate and other


lampholder,Lamp holder,lamp socket,lampsocket,Bulb Holder,Bulbholder,Bulb socket,Bulbsocket,inline switch,on foor switch,cord,cable,plug,lighting accessories,electrical

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Distribution or wholesale


Resumen Ejecutivo

China Ruijun Lampholder And Lamp Holder factory is a Chinese company .

China Ruijun Lampholder And Lamp Holder factory was registered at Comertia on Friday, April 11, 2008 as a distribution or wholesale organization under the industrial sector Electrical Installations.

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