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By Juan Martinez from United States
Submitted by Juan Martinez on Mon, 09/13/2021 - 16:06 Permalink

Comertia's business model is very simple:

  • We are a B2B portal. We connect wholesale bayers and sellers. We are not an e-comerce, because no payments are made through us. We just help connecting people around products.
  • We do not charge commission for the sale of your products. If someone is interested in your products, we send their requests to the address that you have registered with us.
  • We don't get into your business. The follow-up to the requests that you will receive, as well as the negotiation and the transaction are carried out outside of using your usual methods and channels.

I addition:

  • You can advertise up to 10 products on for free.
  • Our profit comes from an annual (or monthly) subscription that allows you to:
    1. Advertise more than 10 products at the same time.
    2. Show your products and your company near the top on pages or searches where they appear listed.
    3. If you have a paid subscription, you can cancel the subscription whenever you want. We don't force you to do anything.

As you can see, out interests are in line with yours. It is convenient to us to bring you new clients and that you can sell your products with our help so that you can acquire and keep a paid subscription with us.