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Product description

Off-white granular powder
•    Product ID : 100LE13
•    CAS : 19856-23-6
•    Molecular formula : C5H7NaO3
•    Molecular mass : 138.10g/mol
•    Purity : 98%+
•    MP : 168-172C
•    Solubility : soluble in water (790-805g/L), DMSO, and lower alcohols

Levulinic acid is a short chain keto-carboxylate (SCA, C5) produced from abundant, cheap, unwanted biomass sources such as sugars, lignocellulose matter, and/or wasted foods. 

By virtue of being a salt of bio-derived levulinic acid, sodium levulinate can be classified as a renewable product. Structurally, the 4-keto group on the levulinate moiety provides unique chemistries and physiochemical properties that are absent in alkyl carboxylates. One such chemistries is the ketonic decarboxylation into biofuels.

Sodium levulinate (NaOOCCH2CH2COCH3) is an off-white powder used by cosmetologists to increase shelf life of products. Cosmetologists claim that sodium levulinate, solo or combined with other preservatives, can protect products from the growth of microorganisms without altering the integrity of other ingredients, or changing product attributes such as color and/or pH.

Common applications are summarized as:
1.    Antimicrobial agent 
2.    Skin-conditioning agent in cosmetics and other personal care products
3.    Preservative
4.    Antiseptic
5.    Deicer


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United States
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