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Product description

3,5,7 layer co extrude low density is soft, low barrier, good clarity It is also the least expensive of all polymer packaging It is possible to alter basic properties of LDPE film by blending other polymers and/or additives, like EVA, LLDPE, Color Pigments, Black Carbon to meet your specific

Place of Origin: China
Materials: LDPE/PA/EVOH
Thickness: 20micron--500micron
Width: The max 4000mm
In rolls or Single flat

Features: Hot-Sealable,Anti-static,Corona
Applications for food packaging,lamination,wrap
Food packaging (bread bags, baked goods, light duty produce bags, )
Light to Heavy duty bag
Special applications (Tent windows for military use)
Textile packaging (shirts, sweaters, )
Packaging applications requiring good
Packaging applications requiring good clarity