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Product description

Advantages and benefits of Maderplast plastic forms for concrete formwork in sight

FORMALETERIA MADERPLAST, VERY STRONG, MANUFACTURED IN HIGH IMPACT PLASTICS, Maderplast is the formwork system for concretes is the only one that supports emptying pressures of 75kN/m2, Maderplast is reinforced with fibers, and impact modifiers, with the most modern technology of new plastic materials, for formwork which guarantees resistance to all abuses and efforts that are subjected during the construction processes of formwork, guaranteeing a long service life, FOR RENTERS OR RENTERS and many uses, more uses is your guarantee of formwork, but with testimonies of uses of several companies, superior to uses, in addition to being recyclable, recoverable and Have the security and tranquility that will not be harmed , your purchase becomes a long-term investment, which saves you times and movements, avoiding repairs and special care, for its great strength the best are Contact


The Maderplast plastic shape is designed for construction companies that melt a plate daily and for projects of large numbers of apartments or meters built in accelerated system of technified construction, that is that daily has a use, of casting formaleta for 300 days of the year, in projects that can last up to 5 years, for the construction of more than a thousand housing solutions , considering that he used it at least 300 times a year, Maderplast rents it for only a thousand Colombian pesos US$ per day, for three hundred uses guaranteed by his company, this would give us only a cost of pesos only a thousand Colombian pesos US$ , per use for his work and only pesos only TRE HUNDRED thousand Colombian pesos US$ 0, for using it for one year , and you will lease it for the years you make your accounts or Maderplast sells it to $only a thousand Colombian pesos US$, each

WARRANTY FOR ARRENDERS OR RENTERS OF 1800 USES, IN THE ERAS AND CAMILLAS OF FORMALETERIA MADERPLAST, because we are sure of our product and that is why we guarantee you minimum one thousand eight hundred uses, which I would say that its capacity is for uses, if you only divide your weight value into the uses would give you a cost of 100 pesos per use , but testimonies of uses give us a cost of 40 pesos for Make your essays try a lot, as did three of the largest popular housing builders in Bogota Cali and Cú Use Maderplast plastic formwork that give you a guarantee of more

Being Totally in plastic, it prevents the felling of forests that are the new building standards in the world, do not cut down trees, because to manufacture each stretcher or wood shape, it requires a piece of wood, which is what is taken from a tree that takes between 35 years and 170 years to be woodable, to take out a piece of wood , for someone to use as a stretcher, formwork, shape and only serve to make a maximum of 35 uses or a duration of 1 year maximum, then we will have a massive deforestation of the planet, if it multiplies it by the number of square meters that are built in the


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