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Description of activity

My mission is to help you stay in the memory of customers, to differentiate yourself from the competition, to have a shocking, creative and innovative image that attracts attention and that places you as a commercial reference.
I help you excite your customers for an epic shopping experience.
I design and create original shop windows, themed shop windows, Christmas shop windows, temporary, punctual, creative showcases ..., or I can manage the entire annual commercial campaign so that you only have to worry about selling.
In my decoration projects I work with different materials, always looking for the ideal language for each product.
I believe added value that makes a difference.
See, feel, smell, touch... Work with all the senses to create a welcoming environment that invites your client to relax, to let themselves be carried away by the enchanting magic of your commercial space.
Making the customer feel at home and facilitating the purchase is the success of your merchandising plan.
My specialty is creating environments that l stories.
It is to transmit emotions and sensations around a product, service or a brand, which speak of its essence and values.
More than 25 years working in commerce
have given me knowledge and experience that I am passionate about sharing by providing training.
Training tailored to the needs of each client, individuals, schools, guilds, associations ... Window dressing, wrapping, merchandising, styling, materials, creativity, commercial decoration, the future of commerce, tips to excite your customer ..., theoretical sessions to deepen the basic concepts combined with very practical sessions focused on you and your trade or service.

Organization Details

Service organization

c/ de la Creu 8
08460 Barcelona

Resumen Ejecutivo

Paloma Guerra is a Spanish company located in the city of Santa Maria de Palautordera in Barcelona.

Paloma Guerra was registered at Comertia on Tuesday, May 2, 2023 as a service organization organization under the industrial sector Distribution And Commerce.

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