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Hello, Good afternoon. Dear Customers! We are SILA GROUP SAS, a Colombian company with Operation in the City of Envigado, we are producers and marketers of Plastic Products for the home and industry, we specialize in the Promotional channel – Institutional - Sales by Catalog. We are aware of their great effort to position brands through their commercial and marketing strategy, that is why we assist our customers through business opportunities with our products, which can be considered as a strategy for activities such as: 

  1. Redemption of Points: Many companies seek through useful gifts for the home, to incentivize the operation of their company with points campaign that effectively redeem with products.
  2. Promotional Moorings: Companies, through a promotional mooring mechanism, use products like ours to promote theirs, as complementary or supplementary products.
  3. Corporate Gifts: The special times of the year arrive, key dates to give our customers or collaborators a gift that they can enjoy in a recurring and useful way.
  4. Luxury Packaging: Products that need to be "dressed" in a safe way and that in turn becomes a gift from the company when delivering its products to the end customer.
  5. Additional Product or Service: Many companies add our products as an additional service or strategy for their customers.

 We are attentive to answer all concerns, talk more about our products, teach our history and how we want to impact with more than 400 products 100% national production.

Organization Details


CALLE 49 SUR 43 A 242
Diagonal al Transito de Envigado
055420 ANT

Resumen Ejecutivo

SILA GROUP SAS is a Colombian company located in the city of ENVIGADO in ANT.

SILA GROUP SAS was registered at Comertia on Wednesday, August 18, 2021 as a manufacturing organization under the industrial sector Rubber And Plastics.

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