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We are boaters from the word go. We have sailed our Sailboat over 10,000 miles in the Great Lakes and the Caribbean. I held my Maritime Captains License with the following credentials 100-ton Great lakes and tributaries, 50-ton near coastal and 25-ton offshore. I also had my STCW and Radar Observer license. My wife and I chartered our sailboat in the Great Lakes for Sunset cruises. I worked as a Captain of a 150-passenger dinner boat for eight years. So yes, we are boaters.

We started this business to help our fellow boaters. The mark-ups on the products we were buying were astronomical. So, we decided to lower our cost and yours at the same time by starting CLR Marine LLC. Our prices are low, and we keep our mark-ups very low. But now the manufacturers and the distributors are selling directly to the public. They are trying to put us, little guys, out of business.

However, we will not give up the fight.

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CLR Marine is a American company located in the city of Green Cove Springs in FL.

CLR Marine was registered at Comertia on Sunday, December 5, 2021 as a other organization under the industrial sector Other.

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