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Christian Salvesen Gerposa has a terrestrial connection with the United Kingdom and Ireland to the farce of their focal point Zaragoza with Rochester in the UK Eleven in country the goods are managed and distributed by Save UK operating on average timeframes of 48 to 96 hours

Christian Salvesen Gerposa is the first specialist in Paleteria of the domestic market asks for envy but frequent tamano lower and to adapt to their demand is to bet on the Christian future Salvesen Gerposa has bet on industrial service Paleteria a form of transport of agile and cofashion adapted to

Christian Salvesen Gerposa offers international transport services adapting to the needs of all types of customers volume of palletized goods (from pallet onwards) to any Portugal Andorra France United Kingdom or Ireland with average shipping terms between 24 and 96 hours Christian Salvesen Gerposa