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Product description

Shupeas®, are the ONLY baby shoes to guarantee no elastic marks around the ankles. *Elastic markings will constrict proper blood flow, so a big plus from other baby shoes.

Shupeas ®, may be worn with or without socks and offer a wide and easy opening/insert into the shoe.

Other baby shoes with elastic around ankles make it near impossible to put shoe on with chubby feet. 

Shupeas are perfect for babies with “chubby” ankles AND will also accommodate babies with skinny ankles whose shoes often slip off- usually losing a shoe while outside. 

The benefits Shupeas®. offers from the LENGTH of shoe is that it allows you to not have to purchase shoes that are a full size too large and thus save money on the need to replace shoes after just a few months- offering a customized fit during this rapid growth stage.

Shupeas, sizing measurements are the same as with baby clothing.

The actual size depends on what percentile the baby falls on.

A baby in the 95th percentile will likely outgrow Shupeas®. at 18 months, and a baby below the 50% percentile will continue to wear Shupeas® after 18 mos.

I recall a baby girl still wearing Shupeas®, at 24 mos., but that is not very common as she was petite.

A 3-month-old baby often wears 6-12 mos. clothing sizes...Etc.

Therefore, when it comes to baby size measurements, they is no standard. 

As for wear and tear- this high-end soft leather should last as a typical child starts to walk around 12 months, so only once a toddler is confidently walking, will the sole begin to show wear and tear.

Keep in mind, studies emphasize that the healthiest footwear for beginner walkers is “soft sole” shoes.

Hard sole shoes can actually delay walking, but are need for safety once child is fully walking. 

Shupeas®. has been tested in multiple focus groups in the US and Europe and is endorsed by both paediatrician and podiatrist for the above reasons.


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one size, fit's from 0 to 18 months
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