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Product description

Features such as the focus mechanism,
maintenance-free, which prevent travel
from the platen down over the lifetime of the
instrument, the inward-facing revolver, the
aluminium power and the retractable lenses of
large increases result in a durable instrument
Vision to generate
The CM E, in addition to being durable and easy to use, has some
Optimal performance The CM E provides a
excellent image quality through Leica optics
E2, parfocal and parcentrada, and the extraordinary system of
lighting formed by a tungsten halogen lamp
2000 hours (20 times longer than the
other teams in its class) and a large dynamic range
that meets the demands of the most

• Coated optics, all glass and high quality
• Observation angle at 45 degrees, rotation 360 degrees
• Standard Allen wrench (3 mm) or optional screw to secure it
• Antifungal/Mold Guarantee
Monocul • Observation tube with a single eyepiece
Monocul • Vertical observation angles and 45 degrees
Teaching • Coated Light Divider 50/50
Binocular • Focusable eyepieces
• Inter-tube distance range (IPD) 54 mm to 74 mm
Trinocular • Output for video and photography
• 80/20 coated light divider
Video • 1/2" or 1/ 3""

• Coated optics, all glass and high quality
• E2 targets that can be combined with E2 eyepieces and targets
E1 combinable with E1 eyepieces
• Wide field
• Antifungal/Mold Guarantee
• 5x, 17.5mm FOV
• 10x, 18mm FOV
• 15x, 15mm FOV
Protectors • Included with all eyepieces
Rubber eyepiece • Diameter 34.2 mm ( ), height 10 mm ( )
• Foldable on the eyepiece
Reticles • Accepts 21 mm diameter discs
• To be used in eyepieces 10x without pointer and 15x


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