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Product description

Ozonette is a compact medical ozone generator that incorporates the latest technological advances. Isdesigned to be used in those applications of ozone therapy where concentrations should be measured ofa precise and safe way, complying with international standards.Ozonette has three modes:• Syringe operation is the most advanced on the market with automatic detection of syringe size. The output ofozone is performed by a double valve system and automatic pressure compensation to prevent leaksunwanted ensuring the safety of the user and the patient.• Continuous ozone mode operation with variable flow adjustment and overpressure detection is ideal for therapiespremises with bag both in open and closed circuit, or for ozonation of liquids.• Manual operation allows to program concentration and variable flow, activating the production and output of ozonecontrolled by the user, providing volume and dose data supplied during production.The tube is compact of high precision, inert to ozone and of high mechanical resistance manufactured with materials of lastgeneration, composed of high voltage generator at high frequency TM by discharge on dielectric.Low consumption, high efficiency and free of annual maintenance.