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Description of activity

All of the Zinc Sulphate monohydrate granula used in the world comes from China, and 90% of them was produced in Hunan We,Xiangtan Fenghe Biotechnology one of the few manufacturers who can issue legal inspection certificate for fertilizer Maybe some fertilizer granula you ever used were exported from our workshop! Because we are a stable supplier of many domestic trading companies and global-renowned fertilizer

Fenghe was founded in From the beginning, we mainly specialized in R&D,manufacturing and technical transformation of zinc sulphate Now our new factory is located in Xiangtan County, Hunan province, in which possesses abundant raw material resources and mature industrial supporting Our 3 modern production lines can produce 60 tons products per At the same time, our 2 powder factories can supply us with best quality powders all the

Our skilled engineers can meet any kinds of technical requirements put forward by customers ,such as small diameters for , and special Zn content for 21%,25% ,30% or more,we can do the best in the aspect of partical strength,color retention and

There is nearly 20 years experience for Hunan to export sulphate salt export procedure is mature enough,such as pallet packaging,container transportation and the third party Please trust us that our professional service will certainly let your consignments reach the destination for your attention!

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