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As a manufacturer, Rhomb produces raised mesh and flatten mesh expanded metal, gratings, screen and metal mesh in a wide range of metal Expanded Metal is made from sheets of solid metal that are slit and stretched with each stroke of the upper die, forming an opening The pattern varies by the gauge and type of material and the size of the The sheets can also be flattened by passing the unflattened material through a series of cold reducing mill

The production of quality expanded metal requires the use of high quality raw materials and accurate expanded metal At Rhomb, we design and build our This enables us to produce a higher quality part for our

The lightweight properties and open area percentages of expanded metal allow it to be easily formed for a variety of energy saving applications such as light diffusers, screens, grilles and It is also used as safety gratings, panel security enclosures, guards, fixtures and

Expanded metal is available in aluminium, copper, stainless steel, brass, low-carbon steel or zinc coated It can be fabricated for ironing boards, telephone booths, security screens, furniture, air filtration units, switchboard units, trellis work, antennae, animal cages, sun screens, tree guards, ventilating panels, cable trays, room dividers, backgrounds, magazine racks, storage

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Hexagonal Expanded Metal Mesh
Circular Expanded Metal Mesh
Diamond Mesh Expanded Metal
Expanded Metal for Filter
Expanded Metal Grating
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