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Description of activity

 Independent export right

MetalFederal is an expert supplier in solution of any metal working in China for customers in the overseas We have our own exporting right and can export goods by ourselves, not through any exporting

 Our own manufacturer with a low CMT

MetalFederal also has its own factory founded in 1982, located in Hebei Province where is famous for the name The hometown of metal stamping, we are now dedicated to develop ourselves to the comprehensive and professional export-oriented business specialized in producing stamping parts, springs, machined parts, metal casting and forging and other metal assembly, we are recently exploring our new products which is cable and hose carrier producing and assembling by

 Your one stop source to meet the multiple requests

MetalFederal has an office in Beijing, who’s function it is to contact and communicate with our clients directly, handling all the details about exporting Another function is to be sourcing for our client in order to meet different client, also with an expert sourcing

 Prompt communicate and rich experiences in sourcing and following

MetalFederal has more than 20 sub-suppliers in China in different industries after developing in the past 4 Our sourcing team has more than 1-2year

 100%stand by side of client

100% standing by our client, we try our best to meet their request and would like to become the expert solution partner for our client in

 OEM production and Good quality control

Metalfederal are able to do OEM products and We also have TS16949 quality system and have passed the certification of the We can do process control jobs, and offer PPAP, and SPC as customer


metal stamping

Tool design and build
We can Design and build of progressive dies and composite dies, insert dies, two shot molds, Gas-assistant injection molds, unscrewing molds, and hot runner

Independent plated and finish treatment

Organization Details

Distribution or wholesale