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Description of activity

Our company is Hunan Jiawei New Energy Technology , The company is the integration of high-tech enterprises in the industrial and commercial Now we have eight professors and associate professors, nine doctors and postdoctors, more than forty graduate students and full-time Our research team has created more than 100 inventions covering the entire lithium battery Our company focuses on the sales, manufacturing and research of lithium-ion battery

Our star product is LiODFB, whose purity exceeds . Other featured products include alumina, boehmite, carbon foil and lithium In addition to materials, we are also engaged in the manufacture and sale of lithium-ion batteries, energy materials, supercapacitors and supercapacitor We are also committed to researching high-performance materials, such as ultra-fine nano-powder materials, ceramic materials, cemented carbide and In addition, we have a complete set of lithium battery recycling equipment and technologies that solve environmental All the research we have conducted is not only seeking breakthroughs in technology, but also seeking breakthroughs in practicality and Our team has undertaken more than 30 projects at national, provincial and military More than 60 projects have been cooperated with other Of course, we have more than 20 independent Therefore, we are not only interested in products, but also in technology So far, 14 mature technologies are

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Trading company
Tel: 13875939235