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Because of its jointless continuity, it is a highly efficient conductor of electricity, magnetic flux and It has excellent corrosion resistance when suitably coated, and the uncut knuckles support weight and withstand stress better than jointed welds or woven

Expanded mesh can be supplied in a variety of finishes, thickness, raised or Flattened is smoother and does not indent soft materials if this is a consideration but is not as strong as the more robust raised Powder coating in your choice of colour will enhance its aesthetic appearance and add to its corrosion resistance as would plastic

We can supply in framed panels made to customers specific PuRuiSe has the most knowledgeable and professional staff working to provide the end user with a valuable and pleasant business


Expanded Metal, Expanded Metal Mesh,Flattened Expanded Metal,
Expanded Metal Grating,Decorative Patterns Expanded metal,
Expanded Metal Fencing,Expanded Metal Lath,Expanded Metal Square Mesh

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