we have been specialized in making moulds for PP,PVC,PPR,PE,ABS and PPSU pipe fittings since.with a factory covering 16000 square meters,employing 300 worke
China, Korea, Turkey, Argentina, Brazin, Malaysia, nowcomin(at)yahoo(dot)com
producing of plastic crates, pallets, containers, waste containers, plastic packacing materials and plastic packacing products production.
www.bag-plastics.com, bagplastics@vip.163.com, Tubing, Sheeting, Stret
we are china plastic mould manufacturer, our company name is J.K.
designing,manufacturing plastic molds following with the customers' request. Products: mould,plastic mold,injection mold
rubber conveyor belts , rubber v-belt, rubber mats,rubber sheets
Zhejing Jinhua Gold-Camel Industrial Co., Ltd.