Ingredients: Potatoes, Olive Oil and a mixture of spices (spices, sea salt, cane sugar, dried tomato and yeast extract).
Ingredients: Potatoes and Olive Oil. Formats: Bags of 150 g. Shelf-life Time: 120 days.
Ingredients: Potatoes, Olive Oil and Salt. Formats: Bags of 150 g. and Bags of 50 g.
Dear Sirs,We are pleased to propose to you walnuts (with shell and cracked 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, mix) of Ukrainian origin.Packaging can be at your demand.All documents
Dear Sirs, We are glad to propose pumpkin seeds ("Ukrainian Mnogoplodnaya", "Serovoljskaya", "Bulgarian") and kernels from Ukraine. All documents.
Dear Sirs, We are glad to propose sunflower seeds and kernels from Ukraine. Shipment terms: FCA, DAP, FOB, CFR terms.
Dear Sirs, We are pleased to offer you wheat flour of perfect quality of Ukrainian origin.
We deal in the stock cubes with the flavors of chicken, beef, shrimp, onion, tomato, pepper, curry, fish, mutton and etc.
We deal in embryo snack of various flavor of fry crackers and sticks as follows: