Name: Miltefosine Another name: Miltex, Miltefosin (Structural formula :) C21H46NO4P
Name:Leaf Alcohol Another name: cis-3-hexen-1-ol CAS NO.: 928-96-1 Molecular formula :C6H12O
Product Name: 1-Benzylpiperazine dihydrochloride(BZP) CAS NO.: 5321-63-1 Molecular formula: C11H16N2.2(HCl) Molecular weight: 249.18
Product name: Crotonic acid Alias: 2-Butenoic acid;3-Methylacrylic acid; CAS: 3724-65-0(mix) ;107-93-7(E/trans)
PVC gypsum board is mainly used in the cailing decoration, with aluminium foil back, moistureproof, sunken proof, and easy for cleaning. It is produced by hi
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Refined Antimony Ingot (Sb) High purity of grade Sb-00 Sb-0 Sb-1 Sb-2