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Finish: Yellow,White zinc or trivalence chrome Material:Carbon steel, stainless steel Package:pallet Main Products as below 1) FERRULE 2) SWAGED METRIC FITTINGS Metric Flat Seal FittingsMetric Multiseal Fittings Metric 60°Cone Seal Fittings Metric 74°Cone Seal Fittings Metric 24°Cone O-RING Seal

Ningbo Eastern Fluid Connector machinery factory, is one of the leading machinery factories, specializing in producing fluid connectors under ISO9001:2000 quality control Since founded in 2000, Ningbo Eastern Fluid Connector machinery factory has been dedicated to designing and machining hydraulic

Some of our products are;Flywheel incasement,Parts of scissors and Chassis,Brake centrum,Hydraulic pump,Circulation,Flywheel,Cylinder gate,Gear,Brake Adjuster,Shaft Box,Brake Shoe,Motor Sleeve,Spiral,Hose,Caoutchouc

Our products: 1) TENSIONED COVERS AND METALICA STRUCTURE Sheds with metallic structure Covers with tensioned membranes Circus tents and their complements the rolling decks 2) COVERS FOR INSTALLATIONS: Light and decorative awnings Building frontis Side and internal butts roof closures Divisions 3)