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Vital Business Solutions provides Human Resource Management services to small businesses and non-profit organizations Our clients take advantage of our complete Human Resource system as well as specific human resource functions for their We provide to our clients employee training, personnel

Founded in 2002, Hangzhou Xinhua Fiber Weaving , is a private enterprise specializing in the development and manufacturing of mattess fabrics & Window-blind At present, Xinhua is located at the side of Yiqiao bridge, Wendai highway, Zhejiang province highway 03, Yiqiao town, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou city

Transform Your Managers from Good to GREAT! Today, owners and executives of small businesses and large companies alike are demanding better return on their payroll They want to develop their Good Managers Into Great Companies want managers who are productive, focused and effective; managers who act

Chinese Bluberry, The New Alternative for Bilberry By Changsha Nutramax In the past few years, Bilberry products have received great attention due to benefit for vision function and their safety The bilberry market has been growing rapidly, from annual sales of USD $200 ~ 300 million to one of the