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Product description

Wire material: low carbon steel wire, galvanized iron wire, stainless steel
Types: Including galvanized welded wire mesh (electro galvanized welded wire mesh, hot-dip galvanized welded wire mesh), welded stainless steel wire mesh and PVC coated welded wire
According to different process, electro-galvanized welded wire mesh can be classified to electro-galvanized before welded and electro galvanized after Hot-dip galvanized welded wire mesh can be classified to hot-dip galvanized before welded, hot-dip galvanized after
Characteristic: steady construction, good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance,
Application: Welded Iron Wire Mesh serves as guards in buildings and factories, as animal enclosure and Iron wire mesh fences in agriculture; welded Iron wire mesh also serves in horticulture industry as guards for trees and