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Product description


Excellent Technology with Perfect

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Automatic devices to loosen the tape and remove static electricity

Reliable, stable and smooth tape-feeding device with an independent

Highly precise hot air gun adjustable in the directions of front and back, left and right, up and
High water-poof clothes with three layers of cloth against cold temperature

Visual and accurate air volume regulation meter and upper column pressure
Precise multi-function computerized control center with soft-touch

Technical Parameter:


Power and Voltage:

Power of Hot Air Pipe:
Maximum Power: 2,800 W with special heating wire

Heat Control:
0-700oC Adjustable without bands

Compressed Air:
Minimum: 3 Mpa

1-9m/ speed change without bands

Air Pressure of Gun Nozzle:
Adjustable without bands (displayed by a pressure meter)

Width of Gun Nozzle:
Standard Flat Nozzle 23 mm; Standard Row Holes 23mm; Standard Flat Nozzle 27mm

Pressure of Lower Pressure Wheel :
0- 2 Mpa Adjustable without bands(pressure meter display)

Width of Upper Pressure Wheel and Lower Wheel:
Mill finish standard 30mm , optional for others such as steel wheels, meshwork wheels and concave wheels

Width of Blown Tape:
Standard 14mm-25mm, other width can be tailored according to customers

Travel Distance of Upper Pressure Wheel and Lower Wheel :

Display Unit of Parameters:
Large PLC multi-function display screen with soft touch bottons

Prevention Against Jumping over Sewing Work:
There are adjustable devices to prevent the gun from jumping over the seamed sections when the gun is moving inward with the idle wheel starting , or when the gun moving outward with the idle wheel stopping

Shape Dimension:
1350 Length x730 Width x 1900Height

Net Weight:

*We will not separately inform of the change of machine appearance, machine size due to on-going improvement of