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Product description

by microcomputer, process to be modified according to users requirements

temperature setting system to keep temperature constant

digital displaying and setting of sealing Heating plate rises automatically after

pressure adjustable according to different kinds of

heating plates can be replaced to produce different sizes or shapes of products

pressing the working plate automatically keeps parallel with the worktable to make sure every part of the pressed item is pressed

large working space for operation, suitable to produce more products at the same With a quick speed temperate system

protect device is installed in the machine, safe and

Techniacal Parameter:

Power supply
50Hz AC220V

Rating power

Air Supply

Pressing temperature
Room temperature~250

Pressing time
1~300s adjustable

Pressing area
1300 mm×1300mm

1300 mm×1300mm (other sizes are available )

Up and down travel
180 mm

External dimensions
4500 mm(L)×2100 mm(W)×1800 mm(H)

Net Weight