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Product description

We come from CSC, AT&T, SAIC, PRC, SRA, IBM, GTE, MCI, Verizon,.. and we have
We have worked on procurements from GSA, IRS, FAA, Air Force, Army Reserve, DISA, VA, Defense Occupational and Environmental Health, DLA, Treasury, Military Health System (MHS) CITPO, HICFA, and many
We have hands-on experience in government programs: Treasury Communications Enterprise (TCE), TCS, CDN, Technical Assistance and Management Services (TAMS), ADTN, IDCU, DOD-MILSATCOM, DOEHRS-IH, C4ISP, Composite Health Care System II (CHCS II) for CITPO, RCAS, DoD Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process (DITSCAP), and many
We have US government experience and would like to work with your organization in proposal or program


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