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Product description


The machine is designed to hot-stick the sequine on various clothing materials according to different patterns requested by Its operating principle lies in heat energy production through ultrasonic high-frequency


1 The machine can fix different shapes of sequins onto various of fabric by ultrasonic oscillation with different shapes of The fix working is quick, firm and
2Two different shapes of mould can be chosen at the same time; the pressing frequency and auto-changing of the two moulds can be set according to
3The machine is equipped with protection safety equipment, which can efficiently protect
4With clear and soft-touch screen, PLC is under programmable, intelligently and automatically The program can be revised at any moment according to customers
5English/Chinese soft-touch screen display, more
7High efficient production with 24 hours

Technical Parameter:

Power supply :
220V (50/60) Hz

Efficiency :
150 W

Frequency :
28 KHz

Compress Air :
5 ~ 6 MPa

Speed :
30 ~ 70 Pcs/min

Size :

Net Weight :
75 Kg

The mould can be made according to customers

* We will not separately inform of the change of machine appearance, machine size due to on-going improvement of


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