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Product description

Odour : Warm, thyme like, phenolic
Source : Nature identical
Appearance : Colourless, transparent or white crystal

Specification Formula : C10H14O
Wt : 2
Purity : 99% (GLC)
233-234° C/760 mm
Congealing 49° C
FP 101° C
Limit of Non-volatile residue less than
Solubility At 25°C 80% alcohol : Clearly soluble in 3 parts Diethyl phthalate : soluble in all proportions, Propylene glycol : soluble in all

Uses : Perfumery, Oral Hygiene, Preservative, Anti-Oxidant, Flavouring Material and

Storage/ Shipping :::: Storage : cool, away from direct sunlight, in full tightly closed containers
Stability : minimum one

Packing : Any size according to the Customer's kgs fibre drums


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