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Product description

Self-furred zinc coated galvanized steel woven stucco netting is designed for use as reinforcement for cement wall Our 1" ( ) hexagonal mesh is formed with a reverse twist of 20 gauge ( ) galvanized steel 1" 20 stucco netting is furred at 3 inches (76mm) and 6 inches (152mm) on center horizontally and vertically,
Hexagonal woven wire netting is specially for exterior wall coatings, can be supplied with paperback or

Paperback Netting for Stucco:
1 1/2" x 17 gauge, zinc coated, galvanized woven wire Paperback Stucco Netting is made for building as reinforcement wire materials for cement, gypsum plaster, masonry veneer and ceramic 1 1/2" (38mm) x 17 gauge, 1/4" self-furring woven wire in rolls, hexagonal mesh is formed with a twist of 17 gauge ( ) galvanized steel Paperback Stucco Netting is furred at 6" (152mm)
Architectural stucco netting and reinforcing wire building product are available in various sizes and

Non-furr Stucco Netting
Paperback Netting, Galvanized Woven in Rolls
Paperback Stucco Netting
Woven 17 gauge /Building Paper Backing
Self-furred Stucco Netting
Stucco Netting 17G, Galvanized Woven
Stucco Netting 20G, Glvanized Woven

Stucco mesh Sheets