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Transform Your Managers from Good to GREAT!

Today, owners and executives of small businesses and large companies alike are demanding better return on their payroll They want to develop their Good Managers Into Great Companies want managers who are productive, focused and effective; managers who act as true leaders and take Developing strong managers is one of the best investments a company can And that’s where Growth Coach’s exclusive and proven coaching program, Strategic ManagerSM, comes Our guaranteed, on-going process helps turn ordinary managers into extraordinary Strategic

Imagine the benefit of having managers who take action to drive big Our Strategic ManagerSM program develops managers who desire to take on greater responsibilities and find better ways to grow the company’s profits and improve operations and customer Imagine how this will impact your company’s team and bottom-line results!

Typical management training doesn’t One-time, quick-fix training does very little in the long-run to change the mindset and results of your Most seminars aren’t effective Lasting and positive change only occurs when your management team engages in an on-going development and accountability process designed to help them gain a wider perspective and take action to drive big Strategic ManagerSM is a powerful, guaranteed, on-going process that produces real results and real changes in your It brings out the very best in your team, transforming them from mere managers to strategic Also, since the process is delivered in a group format, it is very interactive and

Our process changes mindsets, focus and Our quarterly workshops provide your managers with:

-A private, confidential setting to sharpen their visions, goals and productivity
-Time to refocus on the big picture and take the necessary action for continued growth and success
-Proven business management strategies
-A process to create an on-going 90-day strategic action plan
-An opportunity to assess their strengths, talents and limitations
-Methods to leverage their time, talent and resources
-An effective way to learn best practices from their peers

We guarantee that you will see results in your management We promise you will see a great return on your If you don’t see a noticeable change in your mangers, tell us within 30 days of the initial session and we will promptly refund your

Proven principles and practical strategies to implement in the areas of:

-Leadership and employee management
-Business planning
-Proven business management strategies
-Business systems


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