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GRANALLADORA DE CINTA MODELO STL/A (granalladora de túnel o banda)

Product description

COGEIM EUROPE is one of the leading manufacturers of blast machine specialist blasters and founded in 1970, has a great experience in the field of Con near facilities around the world and a permanent stock of parts and spare parts, has become a worldwide reference in the field of turbine blasting and the sector of cleaning surfaces with blast (surface treatment).
The continuous belt blasters are designed to be able to blast high productions of parts in These are machines equipped with the latest elements of the market in terms of technology and This type of blasting allows loading and unloading by robots or conveyor belts, thus avoiding the workmanship of the Turbines can be installed at the top and bottom to ensure a total blasting of all both the width and height of the mouth of entry can be manufactured according to the needs of the
There are several standard models of STL models:
STL 600 tape grater (600 width x 400 height)STL 850 tape grater (850 width x 400 height)STL 1000 tape grater (1000 width x 400 height)
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